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イチョウ 二量体フラボノイドPhytosome®

Ginkgo biloba dimeric flavonoids Phytosome® is a specific diflavonic fraction obtained from the Ginkgo biloba leaves. It has been reported to have a lipolytic action mediated by the inhibition of cAMP-phosphodiesterase, thus improving lipolysis in fat cells and the capillary blood flow.
The Phytosome® form once again provides a higher affinity of the phospholipidic complex to skin phospholipids, thus optimizing the bioavailability.


Ginkgo biloba L.

≥10.0% of total biflavones expressed as ginkgetin by HPLC

脂肪分解, 血管動態化 フォスフォジエステラーゼ阻害

Body Care Products

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