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Sericoside is a pure molecule obtained from Terminalia sericea, from which it was isolated and extracted for the first time by Indena. It has been traditionally used in Africa and Asia topically on the skin. The adjective sericea, in ancient Latin, means “silky, smooth as silk”. Many trials have been performed and Sericoside has shown to have skin restructuring activity, capillary protection activity and skin regeneration.


Terminalia sericea Burch. ex. DC.
Root bark

≥76.0% ≤84.0% by HPLC

抗シワ, 緩和

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The ingredient described is offered for consideration for use in cosmetics products. The information provided describes historical use, ingredient activity and other information that may be relevant to their use in such products. How each ingredient would contribute to a particular product would be formulation specific.


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